Dedicated Detailing
1527 Wilden Avenue Goshen, Indiana 46526
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Dedicated Detailing started around a car enthusiast who strived to always have his dream car clean and looking great. Having been raised around fast cars practically his entire life, you couldn’t just have something that performed good, but it had to look good too. Being raised in Goshen, Indiana, the car scene was always very high. From classic cars, to sports cars, it has always been a spot that hosted some of the nicest car shows in northern Indiana.

When I ventured into the world of detailing, I was hungry for knowledge. But I had a goal. I didn’t want to be your average detail shop. I wanted to provide my customers with a experience they would remember for a lifetime. I didn’t just want to offer multiple services and be okay at everything. I wanted to focus on a few services and be the best at them.

Having nothing to base this off, we went to the drawing board and sought mentorship from some of the best detailers in the world. Learning different polishing techniques from various parts of the world was an important way to have many weapons in our arsenal when it came to paint corrections. From the low speed polishing techniques of the Italians, to the high speed rotary techniques of a master polisher, Danny Chong, we truly learned from various mentors.

We learned the science of ceramic coating from the first person in the world to install a ceramic coating. He showed us how to truly master a installation of a ceramic coating. Learning how to adapt to our environment as ceramic coatings can act very different based on a few environmental factors.

We bring you certified only, professional grade ceramic coatings that take years of hard work to acquire. With a 1% acceptance rate to join the Cquartz Professional group, it was truly a honor when we got accepted. With that we became the youngest member of one of the most prestigious groups in the world.

Dedicated Detailing brings the best techniques from all over the world to create something very special, we welcome you to contact us and let us show you how we can improve the look of your vehicle.